Mudhouse Residency
July 2018

During my time there I was struck by the strong presence of the landscape, a wild rugged and ancient place where Gods and Goddesses once trod. 

Wandering the narrow alleyways I was also struck by the very physical absence of people, the echoes of lives abandoned.

These are the photos I put up for the exhibition held at the end of the residency.

The Mudhouse Residency is held in Agios Ioannis, a small traditional village in the mountains of southern Crete. This village was mostly abandoned in the 1980s, many people walking away from their homes, moving down the mountain to find work, and a better life. More recently people have returned, new people discovering this little village are rebuilding the houses, for new homes, for summer escapes from cities, busy lives elsewhere, to slow down, relax and live the rhythms of the wind, sun and sea.

© Denise Martin 2019