Tales of the heart #1: the soldier

once upon a time…..

.… many, many years ago there lived a young man & a young woman,  who were deeply and utterly in love. Their souls blissfully entwined, they created a life together without a care for what others thought or expected of them. Then one year a war started in the country where they lived and all the men were called to fight. Caught up in this call for duty and honour he believed it was proof of his love for her to join. She was everything to him and he was willing to do anything to keep her safe, especially as she was carrying his child within her. Still, there was much fear and anguish in their hearts at his leaving and when he didn’t return she thought her grief would break her apart. Soon after their child was born but in those days her situation was not good, she endured much poverty and hardship and one day after a short illness the child died and a deep deep sadness settled on her soul.

….. many, many years later he returns to her but this is in fact during another lifetime.  She lives in a different part of the world where she has another child, beautiful and strong, and another man who loves her, completely and absolutely. He is a visitor in her country this time and when their paths cross she feels his presence before she even sees his face.  Her thoughts and dreams begin to overflow with confusing memories, visions and emotions. The only thing she is certain of is that her heart fills and her soul sings whenever he is near her; but she is older this time and her life belongs with another. And he is younger, and has already suffered much hurt and disappointment in this life and no longer believes in love. After a time he allows life to lead him to other places and for many, many months afterwards she cries every night because he did not recognise her.