Tales of the heart #2: the lover

once upon a time…

… there was a man born in the country.  A man who when he was young married a woman,  a young woman who like him drifted around the edges of groups, a little timid,  tentative and eccentric. They met as students and emboldened by the radical spirit of the times,  of embracing all that was new,  exciting, and subversive,  they slipped out from under the weight of the expectations of their families, and these two became one. Now this man,  he was an artist who over the years became well  known and successful. His art was his life, his passion, his expression. But all this time there was something happening in his home that was diminishing his spirit. A gradual undoing of hearts,  a slow but steady separation of steps even amidst births, work,  holidays and deaths. How did this happen?  he often wondered  as he lived through these grim times of sharing life with a stranger. 

So he started searching,  searching for the thing that would fulfill him. Even looking elsewhere for love as he realised he had lost it long ago. And so it was that he met another young woman.  A young woman who was looking for someone to be beside her throughout life. She is fierce, gritty, sensual and passionate. As their hearts reach out and form a future together age and experience whisper to him that this time it can be a conscious shaping and remaking of their lives. For this young woman has washed away everything that has ever tasted of sameness and ordinariness in his life. It is like he has awoken from a dream,  a dream spent locked away in the old wool shed from his childhood – he was getting used to the dark – then someone opened the door and let light in – he sees a figure but cannot see clearly there is so much light yet he feels her touch.